The ValvTect Advantage

We realize your boat or ski is one of your most prized possessions. You want to have a safe and trouble-free boating season out on the Barnegat or open water.

As you may know, your boat’s marine engine is special and very expensive. It works harder, and is under a heavier load than an automobile or truck engine. Repairs, or replacement, of your engine is much more expensive and may be more frequent if quality fuels and lubricants are not used. Dependable performance, low maintenance costs and long engine life are crucial to your boating fun.

This is why we provide ValvTect Marine Gasoline at our fuel dock. Unlike the automotive gasoline offered at gas stations and most other marinas, ValvTect marine grade fuels are specially formulated for your heavy-duty marine engine.

ValvTect Marine Gasoline contains ValvTect Octane Performance Improver, a patented combustion modifier and detergent additive. It is specially formulated to:

  • Improve Octane performance
  • Increase engine power and acceleration
  • Reduce fuel consumption up to 8%
  • Keep fuel fresh during periods of non-use and storage
  • Extend engine life

We believe these special ValvTect Marine Fuels will help you get peak performance, lower operating costs and longer engine life from your marine engine(s). For more information please feel free to contact us. We wish you a safe and enjoyable boating season.